This database combines information from the U.S. Space Track catalog and the UCS Satellite Database and presents it visually in Google Earth. It allows the user to easily display the location of individual objects or sets of objects—both active satellites and debris—around the Earth (Figure 1), as well as showing the orbit and technical information about each object (Figures 2, 3). The user can also change the color of sets of objects to distinguish them in the display (Figure 4).

The location and orbits of each object are updated every morning from the Space Track catalog and are downloaded to the user’s computer.

Update: The database is available in the web browser now.  


Figure 1. All objects in orbit (active satellites in yellow, others in white)


Figure 2. Technical information on the “RADIO ROSTO” satellite



Figure 3. Orbits of a U.S. GPS Satellite in an Earth-fixed frame (white) and an inertial frame (green)


Figures 4. Chinese (red) and U.S. (white) active satellites in low Earth orbit

Here is a video showing what the database can do.

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